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    Many fishermen are concerned about catch and release. You will not find any tool that will remove hooks and lures as quickly and efficiently as the unHOOKum. This tool is truly a leap forward in conservation by allowing fishermen to unhook and release their catch in only five to eight seconds! This assures maximum survivability of released fish. You can actually remove the hook and release your catch faster than you can find other tools!

Not all fish are giants. Many fresh and saltwater fish are small and fragile. Small fish such as a 4-inch Bluegill, a 6-inch Crappie, a 5-inch Trout, or a 12-inch Bonefish require special care when removing the hook if they are to be released unharmed. The unHOOKum tool is perfect for these and other small fish because of its narrow tip design. It slides into the smallest of mouths and allows you to carefully remove the hook. The angled tip ends are rounded and the entire stainless tip is polished to ensure that fish are not harmed. The unHOOKum tool is the least intrusive, most effective hook-removing device available.

Your hook is not twisted, ripped or jerked out of the fish's mouth. Hooks are simply backed out and removed just as they went in. The forward tapering barrel and narrow tip design aid in the safe and quick removal of hooks and ensure maximum survivability of released fish.

The unHOOKum was designed with conservation in mind!

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