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    For over 50 years, I have chased Bluegills, Bass, Shell Crackers and Crappie all over Florida, some of the best freshwater fishing available. When I was young, my father Harold carried his three sons all over the state, chasing everything from Snook to Bluegills. With fly rods and ultra lights, we were off!

One trip, I first heard a sound that has come to be one of the most sought after sounds in fly fishing, a 9-inch Bluegill inhaling a surface popper. I have spent the last 30 years chasing that sound with my fly rod and a case full of poppers.

There is no telling how many poppers I've ruined over this period of time. Most of my lures were not worn out by the fish; they were destroyed well before their time in the removal process from using forceps, pliers and rough-jawed tools.

Some years ago, I began tying and selling foam-bodied poppers. The fish absolutely loved them, but they were easily ruined by heavy-handed removal tools. Then, with a new lure - and the memories of all the ruined flies and other lures - the vision of a new tool came to me. A tool that could remove all flies, hooks and treble-hooked lures without damage!

Two years later, the unHOOKum was designed, a tool that saves lures and improves time on the water! By sliding under the lure or hook, it does not harm fly bodies, legs, hackle or feathers. It snaps onto the hook at the bend. Normal removal takes only five to eight seconds. Simple, quick and easy.

I hope that someday we find ourselves next to one another on the water listening for that sound that is still music to our ears . . .

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