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We hope you have taken a few minutes to view How to unHOOKum as well as unHOOKum on the Water, which clearly demonstrate the tool and allow you to see it up close and in action. The ease of removing surface poppers, sub-surface flies and streamers is something you must see to believe!

As avid fly fishermen, we know you are hesitant to use your best top water bug imitations and streamers to catch Bluegills, Bass and other freshwater fish when most of the wear and tear on these lures occurs in the removal process. Rough-jawed pliers, forceps, along with tools that are attached to the line and worked over the lure are the leading cause of damage. Cork and foam-bodied poppers last only a short time while using everyday tools to remove them. These lures are retired early because either the foam body, hackle or tail feathers become badly damaged by tools so commonly used by fishermen.

With the unHOOKum tool, you can remove poppers like Mr. TUFFY and similar flies without damage to the foam/cork, rubber legs, hackle or feathers. All of your poppers and flies will last until the fish wear them out! The unHOOKum tool is by far the simplest, quickest, easiest and most efficient way to remove any of your flies, from poppers to streamers. This tool allows you to release your fish with less time out of the water and in excellent shape.

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  As natural bait fishermen, the unHOOKum tool is the simplist way to remove your single hooks! Whether you fish with crickets, minnows, grass shrimp, worms or any other type of natural bait, this tool is a must-have for your next fishing trip.

Fishing for Crappie, Bluegill, Shell Cracker, Stump Knocker, Yellow Perch or any other freshwater fish will have you reaching for your unHOOKum tool to remove hooks from those deeply-hooked fish. The unHOOKum tool increases fishing time and reduces tackle damage by not fraying your line or bending hooks as do everyday heavy-handed tools.

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